Boom Beach

Boom Beach is a great game that definitely reminds us of several other productions such as Clash of Clans. Below that the most important features of the game. What is the attack? That we can learn even during his own campaign cleansing the island of Blackguards. When you point to the island, we, or at once to attack (attack but costs), or send scouts. The attack involves lining units to the beach, and these have the same attack close to the buildings. For the player must support units in combat; We may, or bombard enemy buildings with gunboats, or heal the individual, or throw a flare and indicate where you want to move. Although attacks are quite similar to each other, is a good time to kill attacking another island! While the island controlled by the computer are simple, easy, and are a great source of income, in the case of players, it is not so simple. Players, like the players, they have a much stronger defense and much more thoughtful distribution of points to defend.
Graphics? Sound? Supercell accustomed us to a very high quality audiovisual framing. Boom Beach looks sensational, and its stability should be a model for all developers creating games on the phone. While I can understand the popularity of Clash of Clans, you can not cheat one thing micropayments. They are designed so that without spending money can not be practically break higher in the rankings game. The worst are precisely the quasi-free game in which the skills brought by the players have essentially no value, and the money for fast gain advantage. Unlocking and acceleration processes in the game – you can not buy today for money? How mean such a victory? Right here lies the basic problem Boom Beach.
Despite the predatory micropayments, I decided to give Boom Beach maximum score. The game looks fantastic and although not especially revealing, it offers players the game at a very high level. Knowing Supercell, the game should soon appear on Android, so keep your eye on her. It’s free to download, but only for iOS!


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